intense beautiful and obscure

“There is a sense of urgency increasingly infecting the human condition, fragmenting our attention span, accelerating our needs and often influencing our motives when making creative decisions. The result is a lack of dynamics, there is no ebb or flow, its “go” time, all the time. Electronic music is one of the clearest examples of a widening division between great art created in a deeply imaginative vaccum and the soulessly formulaic and branded product that serves the impatient masses. What draws the ESP Institute to Benedikt Frey is his ability to operate on the fringe, outside the constructs artists constantly channel themselves into—his art speaks a pure language that is realized by any means necessary, a process devised solely to articulate his own message, one delivered with patience, never rushed nor dictated by the outside world. Artificial was written and produced over two years, tirelessly sculpted into a sequence abstract pieces that are fiercely independent but accumulate layers of meaning when collaged. It is electronic and rhythm-based, but never reliant on any prescribed instrumentation, arrangement or expectation. This is our idea of well conceived and executed album; not simply a collection of tracks but a complex narrative that unfolds over peaks and valleys, pulling the listener into emotional corners before leaving a residual impression. Some may describe music very well in words, but there is always something lost in translation—a story only the music itself can tell”

Benedikt Frey – Artificial LP

A1. Diver
A2. Controversial
A3. H For Hysteria
B1. Road Of Jazz
B2. Keygrind
B3. Push
C1. Running Away
C2. Dissolved Girl
C3. Private Crimes
C4. Patcher
D1. Hang Loose
D2. Pol
D3. Harbour

return to abnormalcy


Years ago, freedom fiends began as a schizophrenic flight of ideas that took its medicine fromtime to time. Its founders are part of the napster & winamp generation. We lived through the Kazaa platforms and eventually started a music blog based out of a beach location in new jersey.  Through our early twenty-something angst and inspiration, the site shifted towards ramblings of wild & fast nights out with strange characters. It told tall tales that danced around real truths. had a  small campus following, we think. Brett thinks it a few had a few global followers  (debateable)

The first followers were likely the friends who would come to our house to drink handles of cheap vodka with us. They started partying like us and liked that we used cool slang. That was fine with us. We all love music and felt like we were part of something special, together. We played music at parties that people had never heard before. We had our own way about us.

The official website time of death is unclear, but we will mark today as six years later…

Now we live scattered throughout the country, with years of pent up adventure and stories that demand a platform. We don’t see each other enough, but here is our attempt to rekindle a flame that always burnt on both ends.

With love,

Mr. Right